Feature Rule Generator (1.15+)

Tutorial / How To Use (more tutorials below!):

(This tutorial is for the old version, but you can still use it, as the ui has not been changed too much :D)

(This is the new tutorial for the new version. - COMING SOON -)

Description :

Quick note : If you are looking for the feature rule generator for a bedrock edition version less than 1.15, go here

The program is now compatible with the 1.15 beta of Minecraft Bedrock Edition. This means that the program can now export structures in only two files! And, NBT block data is now saved, meaning you can have mob spawners & custom chests!

- for more info on the program read the description here -

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More tutorials :

These tutorials are for the older version of the software, but they are still relevant, as the ui has not changed that much :)

By Dakonblackrose :

By Forgelogical :